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Fall Ball Baseball

Fall Ball is an instructional league for baseball, where practices and games are focused on teaching the fundamentals of batting, pitching, fielding and base running. It's a great time to learn new skills and try new positions. Fall ball baseball is the "spring training" of little league. Villa Park Little League families have been participating in conjunction with the North Sunrise Little League Fall Ball program for the last several years.  For those interested participating, see the following FAQ.

Fall ball is predominantly a learning league that should keep kids having fun as they adapt to the next level of baseball. Fall ball is generally seen as a developmental league for young players to improve their skills and get ready for the next level of baseball. The focus is to prepare for the next level of baseball: learning the new rules, getting used to the bigger field dimensions (and the bigger players in the next age bracket), and developing the skills necessary to play at a competent level with their peers.

The goals of  Fall Ball are to:

  1. Have fun playing Baseball.
  2. Adjust to playing up in another division.
  3. Continue the learning and skill development begun in the spring, and
  4. Provide an outdoor sports option during the in the fall season.


Q: When is it?
A: Practices start in August. The season starts early September and ends mid November. There are 10 games, all on Saturdays. VPLL based teams have traditionally practiced at Cerro Villa once or twice a week, depending on the coach and team.

Q:  What does it cost?
A:  $125.  Typically there is no snack bar duty, no sponsorship, and no team fees. It depends on how the coach runs things, but usually the $125 will cover the entire season.

Q: How is it different than the spring season Little League at Villa Park?
A: Fall ball is typically more casual and more focused on instruction rather than competition. There are no standings or scores. Due to kids “playing up” (see below), the level of baseball is at or slightly below the level of play at VPLL within the same divisions. Coaches are encouraged to move the kids around to various positions and give everyone who wants it a chance to pitch and play key positions.

Q: Where are games?
A: Games are at North Sunrise Little League, Villa Park LL and possibly other local Little League fields.

Q: Which division should my kid play in?  Single A, Machine Pitch, AA, AAA, Majors, 50/70 or Juniors?
A: Fall ball is a great opportunity to prepare for the next level of baseball. With some exceptions, your kid should sign up for the division they intend to play in the following Spring. Typical ages within divisions are listed at the NSLL Fall ball sign up page.  

Q: How can I make sure my kid ends up on a VPLL based team so he knows some kids on the team?
 Under friend request or coach request, add "VPLL". Also, contact the fall baseball VPLL player agent. Sign-up early too before VPLL teams are filled.

Q: Can I form a team?
A: Yes. If you are interested in coaching, please contact the fall baseball VPLL player agent.  We will try to coordinate your team formation so that we can try to keep as many VPLL kids together as possible. We would prefer if you would not bring a full team of 11 players, as it gives us less flexibility to add VPLL kids who are not affiliated with a coach. Please don't promise 11 different kids that they will all be on your team.

Q: If my kid “plays up” will he/she automatically get to play that higher level in Spring?
A: No. The level your child plays in Fall has no bearing on the level they play in Spring. They must still meet age and tryout requirements in Spring, even if they played that level in Fall.

Q: What's the difference between Fall and Spring ball?
A: Fall ball is more casual and relaxed than Spring ball and the focus is on learning rather than wins, losses and standings. If you're new to Little League, fall ball is the perfect opportunity to expose your child to Little League baseball without the competitive atmosphere of Spring baseball. In Fall ball, there are no playoffs, no standings are kept, and players are encouraged to try out new positions and generally prepare for playing up in the next division.

Q: Are there tryout/evaluations in Fall Ball?
A: No, kids are free to play at the level they select as long as they are playing in a division within their age range and there are no safety issues.

Q: What if my kid plays soccer, other sports, or can’t make it every weekend?
A: Fall Ball is a more flexible program than Spring and many kids play two, if not three sports during the fall. If your child will make more than half the Fall Ball season, you should sign up, your manager will understand.

Q: What level should my kid sign up for?
A: Generally, kids should sign up for the division they intend to play for in the Spring.