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VPLL Home Run Club

The VPLL Home Run Club is dedicated to VPLL players who have hit an over-the-fence home run during regular season play or tournament play while representing VPLL.

Congratulations to each of these players for their accomplishments!


2021 Home Run Club Members

Player's Name Date Division Team

Ames Pfeiffer 4/13/2021 AA Cardinals
Owen Dunne
4/17/2021 Majors Astros
Johnny Lopez
White Sox
Patrick Choi
AAWhite Sox
Max Ricigliano
Max Devinney
5/18/2021AAWhite Sox
Ben Hanna
Jake Tejeda
Max Devinney6/5/2021AAWhite Sox
Owen Dunne6/8/2021 MajorsAstros

2020 Home Run Club Members

Player's Name Date Division Team

Andrew Flores 2/29/2020 Majors White Sox
Brady Hilken 3/11/2020 AA Dodgers

A player who hits a verified “over the fence” Home Run receives a Hot Dog and Small Soda, if available.

Did your player hit one out?

Let's celebrate it. Send an email to VPLL with their name, date, division, team and type of home run.