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Villa Park Little League proudly supports Little League's tournament tradition.  Starting in June Little Leagues around the world select an All-Star team made up of players from its league. These All-Star teams compete in district, state, and regional tournaments, hoping to advance to Williamsport for the Little League World Series.

About All-Star Tournaments

As the season comes to a conclusion, VPLL selects All-Star teams from the best players in the AA, AAA and Majors divisions. These players come together and form teams that can play in a district tournament. There are up to four all-star teams formed, two 9/10, 10/11 and a 10/11/12 all-star teams.

If an all-star team wins the District 30 tournament, that team can then advance to the Section 5 tournament (winners of other districts) and the Southern California Little League Tournament (winners of other SoCal sections). The tournament culminates with a state championship tournament.

The 10/11/12 all-star team follows the same format except that this team can advance all the way to the Little League World Series. This team would continue at the West Region tournament, which is held in San Bernardino, California, each August. The West Region tournament champion then advances to the Little League World Series.

During the tournament check the District 30 Website for schedules and results or the SoCal Little League Tournament site for later tournaments.

Southern California's districts are grouped into ten sections, and the winners of these sections compete for the Southland's divisional championship. The five North section winners compete for one championship series berth, and the five South section winners compete for the other. The North and South champions then meet in a best 2-of-3 championship series. Southern California state boundaries range from the Santa Barbara area south to the U.S. border and from the Pacific Ocean to the Arizona/Nevada borders.

Villa Park Little League Structure

  • District 30 (Anaheim Hills, Orange, North Sunrise, Northeast Santa Ana, Santiago, South Sunrise, Tustin Eastern, Tustin Western, Villa Park)
  • Section 5 (District 29, 30, 38, 56)
  • Southern California (Section's 1 through 10)
  • West Region (Arizona, California (So
  • Cal, NorCal), Hawaii, Nevada, Utah)

Player Eligibility & All Star Selection

VPLL's local rules list the criteria used for All-Star selection.

To be eligible for All Stars, a player must have participated in at least 60% of the regular season scheduled games for which the player was eligible to play.

All players must live or attend a school within the established boundaries of Villa Park Little League, or the league must have on record, approved waivers from Little League International Headquarters in Williamsport, PA. Birth certificates and 3 forms proving residency will be required.

Player & Family Commitment

While it is a great honor to be a member of an All-Star team, there is a commitment of time, effort, travel, and finances required in order to participate. The exact duration of a team’s All-Star season depends on their age and success ends whenever tournament competition ends. The goal is to progress as far into tournament play as possible, deploying players and strategy to accomplish this goal by using the Manager’s discretion and experience. Parents and guardians shall support all decisions and strategies set forth by the All-Star Manager/Coaches. For the 9/10 and 11 year old competition, tournament play could continue through the completion of the California State Tournament in late-July. 12u tournament play could continue through mid-August when the World Series takes place in Williamsport, PA.

The All-Star time commitment consists of several practices a week then participation in the District 30 All-Star tournaments beginning around mid to late June. Winners will advance as noted above. Players are expected to attend ALL team practices and social activities. All positions on the team and in the lineup are earned based on the Manager’s evaluation. Major conflicts during this period should be brought to the Player Agent before the All-Star season begins.

Past Villa Park Results

12u All Stars

2021: District 30 & Section 5 Champions; Advanced to SoCal State Tournament
2020: Tournament Cancelled

11u All Stars

2021: Participated in District 30
2020: Tournament Cancelled

10u All Stars

2021: District 30 Champions; Advanced to Section 5 Tournament
2020: Tournament Cancelled

Southern California Baseball Champions

Year League District Champion
2022 Glendora American 20 
2021Torrance Little League 27 
2019 Sweetwater Valley Little League 42
2018 Park View Little League 42
2017 Santa Margarita National Little League 68 West Region Champion
2016 Park View Little League 42 West Region Champion
2015 Sweetwater Valley Little League 42 West Region Champion
2014 Encinitas Little League 31
2013 Eastlake Little League 42 United States Champion
2012 Orange Little League 30
2011 Ocean View Little League 62 World Champion
2010 Ocean View Little League 62
2009 Park View Little League 42 World Champion
2008 Aliso Viejo National Little League 55
2007 Solana Beach Little League 31
2006 Northridge City Little League 40
2005 Rancho Buena Vista Little League 28 West Region Champion
2004 Conejo Valley East Little League 13 United States Champion
2003 Vineyard Little League 21
2002 West Anaheim Little League 46
2001 Oceanside American Little League 28 West Region Champion
2000 Ocean View Little League 62
1999 Anaheim Hills West Little League 30
1998 Federal Little League 29 West Region Champion
1997 South Mission Viejo Little League 55 United States Champion
1996 Moorpark Little League 13 West Region Champion
1995 Yorba Hills Little League 56 West Region Champion
1994 Northridge City Little League 40 United States Champion
1993 Long Beach Little League 38 World Champion
1992 Long Beach Little League 38 World Champion
1991 El Cajon American Little League 41
1990 Federal Little League 29 West Region Champion
1989 Eastview Little League 27 West Region Champion
1988 Northwood Little League 55
1987 Northwood Little League 55 United States Champion
1985 Mexicali Little League 22 United States Champion
1984 Culver City Little League 25
1983 Frontier Little League 29
1982 South Bay Little League 42
1981 Escondido Little League 31 West Region Champion
1980 Sunshine Little League 33
1979 Goleta Valley South Little League 63
1978 Culver City American Little League 25
1977 Western Little League 41 United States Champion
1976 Santa Ana Northeast Little League 30
1975 Northeast Garden Grove Little League 46
1974 San-Rialto Little League 21

District 30 Champions (10, 11, 12)

2022 - Tustin Western
2021 - Villa Park
2020 - Cancelled
2019 - Tustin Western
2018 - Tustin Western
2017 - South Sunrise (Orange)
2016 - Villa Park
2015 - Tustin Eastern
2014 - Tustin Western
2013 - Tustin Eastern
2012 - Orange
2011 - Orange
2010 - South Sunrise (Orange)
2009 - Tustin Western
2008 - Tustin Eastern
2007 - Tustin Western
2006 - North Sunrise (Orange)
2005 - North Sunrise (Orange)
2004 - Tustin Western
2003 - Tustin Western
2002 - Olive
2001 - North Sunrise (Orange)
2000 - Tustin Eastern
1999 - Anaheim Hills West
1998 - Tustin Western
1997 - Tustin Eastern
1996 - Tustin Eastern
1995 - Northeast Santa Ana
1994 - Anaheim Hills East
1993 - Tustin Western
1992 - Northeast Santa Ana
1991 - Anaheim Hills East
1990 - Garry Templeton (Santa Ana)
1989 - Santa Ana Valley
1988 - Northeast Santa Ana
1987 - Southwest Santa Ana
1986 - Villa Park
1985 - Tustin Western
1984 - Northeast Santa Ana
1983 - Northeast Santa Ana
1982 - Northeast Santa Ana
1981 - Northeast Santa Ana
1980 - Northeast Santa Ana
1979 - Northeast Santa Ana
1978 - Northeast Santa Ana
1977 - Southwest Santa Ana
1976 - Northeast Santa Ana
1975 - Northeast Santa Ana
1974 - Northeast Santa Ana
1973 - Orange-Olive
1972 - Orange-Olive
1971 - Sunrise (Orange)
1970 - Sunset (Santa Ana)
1969 - Tustin National
1968 - Sunset (Santa Ana)
1967 - Far West (Santa Ana)
1966 - Tustin Eastern
1965 - Sunrise (Orange)
1964 - Sunrise (Orange)
1963 - Tustin Eastern
1962 - Northeast Santa Ana
1961 - Tustin National
1960 - Northeast Santa Ana
1959 - Northeast Santa Ana
1958 - Santa Ana Southwest National


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