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Villa Park Little League

Villa Park Little League Board

Jon Whiddon President [email protected]
Matt Hendren Vice President
Cheryll Dahlin Treasurer [email protected]
Jennifer Bernener Secretary
Ben Hanna Player Agent Upper Div [email protected]
Chad Casenhiser Player Agent Lower Div [email protected]
Ryan McArthur Website
Mike Urbanski Umpire Coordinator
Christina Kendall Information Officer [email protected]
Chad Dickey Snack Bar Coordinator
Jason Walker Practice Coordinator
Brian Cole Lower Division Coordinator
Lee Tousignant Uniforms
Dan Starr Safety Officer
Sam Stremick Snack Bar Coordinator
Andy Olsen Equipment
Brian Benzie Field Coordinator
Kyle Kalma Assistant Field Coordinator
Tracy Paul Team Parent Coordinator/Events Co
Brian Pharris Sponsorship Coordinator
Jesse Hurst Sponsorship/Banners
Joe Pacelli Fundraiser Coordinator
Jon Brucher Merchandise
Jon Malkemus Events Coordinator/Asst Umpire Co

Board of Directors FAQ

VPLL is run entirely by volunteers. Each year, the members elect a new Board of Directors to administer the league for the coming year. The league needs the board to keep things going, and the way we accomplish that goal is by holding an election. VPLL operates under the guidelines of a Constitution that outlines election procedures.

Who is Eligible to be on the BOD?
Any person sincerely interested in active participation to further the objective of VPLL may register to become a Member.

How are BODs elected?
All elections of the Board of Directors shall be by majority vote of all Regular Members present. After the Board of Directors is elected, the Board shall meet to elect the Executive Officers. After the election, the Board of Directors shall assume the performance of its duties immediately. 

What is a Regular Member?
Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of children registered with VPLL. Regular Members automatically include current Managers, Coaches, Volunteer Umpires, Board Members, Officers of the Board, and any other person who is recognized by the Board as a volunteer in VPLL.

Who runs for the Board?
Any voting member is eligible to run for the Board. Typically, the candidates are dedicated parents of league players who want to help ensure the league continues to thrive, but other people have served on the Board out of a love of the game and/or the kids in the community even if they don’t have players in the league themselves.

Does a candidate run for a specific office on the Board? 
No. Board members are not elected to specific positions. When the new term begins, the Board members determine who will fill which office.

How do I become a member? 
Everyone who registered their child this year has the opportunity as a voting member of VPLL.

Who do I contact if I have questions? 
You may contact any current BOD member.