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Villa Park Little League endorses the National Little League philosophy, and has made only slight modifications to some of the playing rules in an attempt to enhance the playing experience for our children. The following is an excerpt from the National Little League organization:   "Little League Baseball is a program of service to youth. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in the atmosphere of wholesome community participation. The movement is dedicated to helping children become good and decent citizens. It strives to inspire them with a goal and to enrich their lives toward the day when they must take their places in the world. It establishes for them rudiments of teamwork and fair play."

Villa Park Little League plays its games at Cerro Villa Middle School in Villa Park, CA. 17852 Serrano Ave., Villa Park, CA 92861

Villa Park Little League is open to all children between the ages of 4 and 14 as of August 31 of each year. The league is open to players who live or go to school within the established physical boundaries, subject to adherence to established rules and required parental support. In addition, player candidates must have parental or legal guardian consent.

VILLA PARK LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL is a 501(c)(3) organization (#23-7451341), and donations may or may not be tax-deductible. 

Field Status

Field Status

  • Villa Park Little Le... Updated: 03/22/21 8:54PM
    • Majors Field
    • AAA Field
    • AA Field
    • Single A Field
    • TBall Field 1
    • TBall Field 2
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    • Anaheim Hills Elementary Majors Field
    • Crescent Elementary Majors Field
    • Crescent Elementary AAA Field
  • Orange Little League Updated: 02/18/20 6:37AM
    • OLL Majors Field
  • South Sunrise Little... Updated: 03/22/21 9:00PM
    • SSLL Majors Field
    • SSLL AAA Field
  • North Sunrise Little... Updated: 03/22/21 9:31PM
    • NSLL #1 Field
    • NSLL #2 Field
  • Tustin Eastern Littl... Updated: 02/11/22 1:54PM
    • TELL Majors Field
    • TELL AAA Field
    • TELL AA Field
    • TELL Single A Field
  • Memorial Park Little... Updated: 06/12/22 7:45AM
    • MLL Field 1
    • MLL Field 2
    • MLL Field 3
    • MLL Field 4
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